Monday, September 12, 2011

Every Moment is Precious

Every Moment is Precious. I can't stress this enough.
Every moment could be your last.
Alhamdullilah for everything. 

I have learned a lot about myself this year.
It is difficult for me to fall in love, but when I do, I fall hard. Love is the best feeling in the entire world.
It takes awhile for me to open up and show my true emotions because I am scared of getting hurt.
I enjoy helping people. I never expect a thank you, I would rather just see a smile =]
I am an optimistic person and I know that my relationship with God is more important than any of my other relationships. I am glad that I have come back to my faith and my roots. I feel horrible for abandoning it for awhile due to a traumatizing incident with a disgusting middle-aged pervert. He took a lot from me. He took my innocence, my faith, my security, my trust, and my happiness for quite awhile. To this day, I am still scared to be alone in my living room for long periods of time, especially around Labor Day. On that day, I promised myself that I would never trust a man again unless I was sure that he really cared about me and truly deserved my trust. Only one man knows this story and it took a lot of time for me to open up.
I used to be a very shy girl, but I grew up to be an loud and outgoing woman. It is difficult for me to trust anyone. I only trust people who I feel will never betray me or break my heart. Besides my family members, there are only 2 people in the world who I truly trust. Unfortunately, these two people seem to be slowly slipping away from me. Maybe that is why I have been so sarcastic and silly these days? Sometimes, all you need is a hug.

I promise that I will always be true to myself and that I will always be grateful for everything I have. 
"Trying to make it work, but man these times are hard...."